Autoflower Seeds Have Arrived!

Far out!  I got 7 seeds instead of 5 feminized autoflower Black Cream seeds!  In addition to that I got a free pack of Blueberry Auto Fem seeds from Southern Oregon Seeds, the company I bought the seeds from, so 12 seeds total for the price of 5.  These should last me awhile!   I think I will start one Black Cream plant today  and maybe sneak it outside later until it gets rainy.   Love that it’s just a 2 month process start to finish!  By mid October I could have Black Cream bud!  They will probably beat my current Tangerine Dream ladies, who are slow bloomers. They have just barely started to flower and have a 75 day flowering period.


The more I think about autoflower strains the more they grow on me.  Sure they don’t have the yield, but I like that they require less time, space, and less fussy light schedules. I am someone who craves variety and would rather have variety over quantity.

I dropped Black Cream into a glass and per the tutorial, am leaving it in the warm, dark bathroom.  Tomorrow she should sprout and I can start the whole process over again 🙂  Knowing what I know now, I look forward to training her branches, bending them down for optimum yield since topping isn’t advised for the beginner autoflower grower since we are on such a tight time schedule.  Sounds good to me!

I love Blueberry anything strain so I’m very happy with the complimentary Blueberry auto fem seeds too!  Another indica!



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