I thought Tangerine Dream Had Started to Bud + Black Cream #1 in Soil!

but it was wishful thinking on my part, I’m afraid.  What looked to be a calyx was just new leaf growth in veg.  It’s coming soon though, they are smelling skunky and I have switched over to bloom food.  Now my new worry is mold/mildew/bud rot.  Praying for a dry September and October!

Meanwhile, inside –  Black Cream #1 is potted under the kitchen halogens.  This is such a flashback to last February!  I’m so excited for her to come up !  Will she have big fat purplish leaves?  That would be so fun!

In one month, once Black Cream is halfway through her life cycle, I will move her to the oven range (yes, I have a VERY amateur setup!) where she will have more room to grow (fancy hydroponic $10 bulb on its way from Amazon) and I will start a Blueberry autoflower so that when Black Cream is ready for harvesting Blueberry can jump right in to the oven range space.  At that point I might even buy more varieties of seeds to cycle through.  Come next spring, who knows, I may just want to stick with autoflower, even for outdoors!  I care more about variety than quantity.


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