A Proud Parent of Black Cream #1!

My very first autoflower has sprouted, earlier than I thought!  Yay!  It’s now back to early tender fragile handle with much care stage for a good few weeks til she becomes more hardy and weed like.   This is the stage so far where I’ve encountered the most losses.   Luckily my packet contained 7 seeds total, though I really hope to get this one going right away!

I will be doing just one autoflower at a time.  I don’t want a grow tent and fire hazard expensive lighting but I think I’ll have enough quality light in my kitchen for one plant at a time between the kitchen halogens and the oven hood that I just bought a fancy cannabis hydroponic bulb for.  Not as good as a grow tent light by any means, but the best I feel I can get for what I have, and I’m not after a huge yield;  I’m more about variety than mass quantity.  I already can’t wait to buy my next set of autoflower seeds!

My outdoor girls are still in the very VERY and I mean VERY early stages of budding, a few tiny calyxes here and there.   It’s rough watching everyone else in my marijuana Facebook groups who lives near me have pics of outdoor girls who are blooming while mine have just barely started.  However, Tangerine Dream’s description does list her as a later bloomer so no surprises, really.

But now see I have Black Cream’s new life to help distract me from Tangerine Dream’s late budding 🙂 and she, as an autoflower / ruderalis strain will start budding in a matter of 5 weeks or so I’m guessing!  Her life is pretty much over at 8-10 weeks!   I’ve seen some pics online of some very impressive Black Cream plants.  Of course they are in grow tents and in more specialized environments than mine will be in.  If I even get half of what I see in the online pics though I will be very happy!

I am already having so much fun contemplating what my next autoflower purchase will be.  I have two packs of indica seeds currently, this Black Cream and also Blueberry, so maybe a sativa would be best?   In my heart though I want to try White Widow and other indicas.  I saw another one on Southern Oregon Seed’s site called Night Queen and I kind of fell in love.

I can’t wait to see what Black Cream’s leaves will look like compared to current Tangerine Dream leaves.

There are a couple of people in my weed groups who have completed their first grow and are completely happy with their harvest and won’t go to a dispensary again.  I’m not sure I’d ever be that extreme about it because I crave variety and love trying new strains but I can see buying MUCH less from there because I know that as a single person I will be growing way more than I can consume.  It’s gonna be a lot of fun giving out Christmas presents this year!

With Tangerine Dream I will get a large yield, provided no one steals them and I don’t get bud rot / mildew / mold problems – always a Pacific NW concern because it rains a lot here.  Anyway with this bigger yield I can’t wait to make a giant batch of cannabis infused coconut oil to make better edibles.  My lungs will REALLY appreciate this!






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