A Fleck of Orange + Black Cream has Baby Leaves

Yesterday I did my usual scrutiny to see if Tangerine Dream has started budding yet and usually all I see are MAYBE a few hairs, but this time I saw a fleck of orange, which is one of the Tangerine Dream traits!   Red and orange hairs!  I really, really can’t wait til I have something that looks roundish, has a form, something that looks like a flower beyond a few hairs.  I want to see a baby BUD!  Hurry up, Ladies!

Meanwhile, Black Cream by contrast will someday have red and purple stems… that sounds so pretty to me!    It’s mind boggling to me that she will bud in about 4-5 weeks.  I’ve only been waiting 7 months for Tangerine Dream to start..Black cream will probably BEAT Tangerine Dream to the harvest room!

Once Black Cream starts to get too big for the halogen area I can start Blueberry autoflower,  Southern Oregon Seed’s brand.  Still, this time I’m going to tie down my plants as soon as it’s safe to do so so that I can keep her under those nice lights as long as possible.   It will be critical to do this since it’s not really advised to top autoflowers given their tight time constraint.  Super cropping and training the branches to grow out to the sides as much as you can is the way to go.

Dying to know what my home grown will taste like.   They next 2 months are going to be very exciting!


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