Hermaphrodites, Hopes, and Fears.

Up until now my biggest fear has been thieves, but as the process goes along that worry is fading a little.  I have no neighbors on one side, the other neighbors are super cool, and I don’t think my girls will be smelled from the street so I should be okay.

No, my bigger fear now is my plants going hermie on me.   I didn’t realize that light pollution is big factor in this, an indeed, the super cool neighbors do sometimes leave outside lights on at night and then when I have my kitchen light on that leaks through to the outside too.  So far the girls in the pots have been doing better and are about a foot taller than the ones in the ground, but the girls in the ground  in the shade are more protected from light pollution.  I’m so glad I had the where with all to plant some in the ground and some in pots so as to not put all my eggs in one basket so to speak.  If the potted ones go hermie, maybe the ones in the ground won’t?  Maybe if the ones in the ground get a terrible pest the ones in the pots won’t?  That was my thinking, anyway.

All I can really do is close my curtains at night and hope for the best.   Luckily my girls are otherwise very healthy and happy.  What would be the worst thing if they went hermie?  I’d still have some bud, just not as good quality bud.  I can still make edibles, and I’d have seeds for a future grow, though some of those seeds of course could be male.   I would be really bummed if my 9 months of labor amounted to having hermie plants though.   With this new worry festering, I’m just that much more convinced that autoflower is the way to go because they are less touchy about light although I will keep my lighting consistent with them because plants in general like consistency.

Black Cream looks great this morning!  I will take a new pic when I get home.  In addition to her baby leaves she has 2 new regular leaves forming and she’s growing tall toward the light.

In about a month, once I’ve moved Black Cream to the oven area, I can start Blueberry, the free feminized autoflower pack given to me with purchase.  I failed in germinating the free blueberry seeds before, but I didn’t use the paper towel or glass of water method, I just put the seeds directly into the soil like any other plant, which worked fine for Tangerine Dream but not the Blueberry seeds.  I used the glass of water method for Black Cream and that worked perfectly, so we’ll see how that works for Blueberry, Round 2!

I’m already daydreaming about what I want to grow after the Blueberry.   More of the same?  I have 6 more Black Cream seeds and 5 Blueberry seeds total.  Knowing me though, unless the yield was really small, I will want to try a new strain.  I really want to grow one that has the big, fat, deep purple/plum colored leaves.  Afgoo?

I’m dying to see what Tangerine Dream’s buds will look like!  Right now they are just the tiny tendrils of hair, the calyxes.  They smell delightful 🙂  It was around 100 degrees yesterday and they did just fine, I made sure they were well watered of course.  Hoping the light and heat make them grow, grow, grow today!    They are starting to flower but don’t look like flowers yet.




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