Cartridge Review: Tangie (Tg)

Tonite I’m vaping Tangie by Clear Path Concentrates. Thumbs up! This brand is even better than Select Strains in that the liquid is clearer and smoother, never a clunk on the inhale. Their containers are identical to one another and I wouldn’t be surprised if both companies weren’t owned by the same local entity.

From now on I will only buy Clear Path concentrates until I find something better. A cartridge lasts awhile and is a minor investment!

Mine tested at 67.47 % THC and 3.89% CBD.

Tangie…is DELICIOUS! If my Tangerine Dream girls are anything like this I will be VERY happy! This concentrate absolutely tastes like a sweet tangerine and is nicely uplifting as are most sativas. I probably shouldn’t have had this on a weeknight as I’m a hyper person naturally and need the indicas to bring me down and help me sleep. I feel like dancing til all hours right now…

Tangie is delightful and I would recommend it to anyone who wanted a taste of Florida orange sunshine in a toke and perhaps a ride with Dexter in the Keys!


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