I Never Got Excited About an Ordinary Looking Light Before + Black Cream Auto Week 1.5

This pic doesn’t do it justice but I bought a ginormous fluorescent bulb that in spite of it being  8.5 inches in length, it actually FIT  in my oven hood!  My cell phone camera didn’t catch how bright this is, or it auto corrected the light so it could be seen like this which is more visually pleasing for most pics but I wanted to show you all just how BRIGHT it is!  Oh well.  You’ll just have to take my word for it.

Mind you, I’m an amateur grower and don’t intend on getting too too serious about this, I just want to grow personal amounts for me and friends.  I don’t need huge yields.

A friend turned me on to feeding the girls molasses, I had no idea!  So now I’m incorporating that too along with fish pool aquarium water and Fox Farm nutes – dilute amounts for Black Cream at this stage, but full strength for the Tangerine Dreams outside that are going to be as tall if not taller than me!


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