Strain Review: Gorilla Glue (Gg)

Tonite I’m facing Sunday Night Insomnia with some Gorilla Glue , no number after it, and according to the awesome dispensary  I got it from, Hi, the description read indica hybrid and tested at 23.59 % THC and .14 % CBD.

I would agree with what others have said on Leafly that it has a sour cedar taste and starts out as a sativa, later moving on to an indica. The nugs on this were small and tight, and the best part was I got it on Hi’s Monday $6/gram special!  That is the best deal I’ve ever seen and it’s now my favorite dispensary, but the reality is I have enough weed, indica anyway, to last me 2 months, and in 2 months I’ll be harvesting both Tangerine Dream and Black Cream Autoflower and will have more than enough for me and all my friends, with Blueberry Autoflower on the way just one month after that!

I’m starting to get more excited about  Blueberry Autoflower (the free pack I got with the purchase of the Black Cream Auto pack), especially after I saw a pretty pic of her buds online.  And then on auto grow 3 I can grow my first high CBD plant, and I’m really excited about that!   The one high CBD strain I bought, Blue Blood, was out of this world in taste, smell, and body melt.  It only had 9% THC but 10% CBD but it felt so amazing I went back to get more and turned two new marijuana smokers on to it –  it’s perfect for beginners because of the low THC.   Anyway, I’m sold.  You can always smoke something with higher THC after that if you want a head high to go with it.  Sometimes I have injuries from athletic activity and that could be my best medicine; I’d much rather take high CBD cannbis than Vicadin.

Here’s attempting to hit the sack and here’s to a new week.  Hope you sleep well, Stoner Friends!


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