Night 2 of the Tolerance Break / Black Cream Autoflower at 2 Weeks

My lungs and brain both need a break from cannabis.  The fact my mom is dying from lung cancer is part of it too.  I plan to take a few weeks off to give my body a break, and it will be really fun to see how high I get after one or two hits when it’s over!

I’ve been very curious about REM rebound.   Since I started using cannabis daily in mid-January I haven’t dreamt much, as is typical of stoners.  I gotta say I’ve missed some of my dreams, but since I started using cannabis I have slept so much better so it’s totally worth it! I mean, it’s not like you’re missing out on real life or anything…

This morning I did finally have some dreams, but they were just regular work anxiety dreams, nothing particularly vivid… maybe tonite I will have a wild adventure!

Meanwhile, Black Cream Autoflower is under the new CFL bulb and she’s loving it!  This was her yesterday, and as you can see I am using low stress training to help keep her height down in my limited space and so that more colas might grow upward from the main branch.  It’s silly how much I love this girl!  I love her more than my 4 big Tangerine Dreams outside, I think because I worry about the outside girls all the time and they don’t live in my kitchen where I can easily talk to them.  I should have started her in the big pot and just been careful with watering because autos are on that short, fixed time span and any stress could cause a delay in growth.  On the other hand they are weeds and as such are pretty tough, I find.

I am always learning.



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