After 3 Days of the T-Break + Plant Update

Okay so I made it three nights without THC and I didn’t get the REM rebound I was expecting.  I had regular dreams again, but not vivid ones, and guess what else happened the minute I quit toking?  I STARTED GETTING HOT FLASHES. wtf?

I’m at the perimenpausal age and twice last year I had 2 periods in one month but other than that have been regular since and haven’t experience any more symptoms, that is, until I quit using cannabis.

It was Friday and I wanted to vape so I did and it was nice.  I did get high a little faster, and I’m enjoying vaping on Trinity this Caturday.  My lungs still want me to take a break, so I will do another one soon.

The Tangerine Dreams outside are all doing well and I’m finally getting some small pompoms!   It’s so fun to see the buds forming!  The only thing is, it’s been raining and I worry about bud rot.  My experienced cannabis gardener friend says I don’t need to worry about that just yet but that I will need to get something to cover them at some point.  This is where the smaller girls in the ground but shaded underneath the trees might be now at the advantage because they are sheltered from some of the rain.

Because it’s getting colder here I worry less about thieves now for some reason and more about bud rot, molds, and mildews.

Meanwhile, Black Cream Autoflower is doing fantastic inside under the cfls bulb and is healthy as can be.  I will never have to worry about her like I do the outside girls (thieves, weather) and as you all have probably figured out I’m getting more and more sold on autoflower as the weeks go by.   Next summer I will probably have 2 crops of autoflowers outside in lieu of 1 crop of photos like this year. I have a feeling it will be mostly blueberry, since that seems to be the free pack that Southern Oregon Seeds likes to give out, and I do like blueberry so it’s no big deal and I can use that for edibles.

I crave variety and don’t use a large quantity so autoflower is perfect for me.  I daydream about what seeds I want to purchase next, like all the time.   I can’t wait to grow my first high CBD strain, Grape Muerto!


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