Strain Review: Fruit Loops (Flp)

Tonite I’m smoking on Fruit Loops, an indica dominant hybrid, that true to its name tastes like Froot Loops cereal – a sort of dull yet tasty fruit taste but that’s what happens when they get dunked in milk, right?

Mine tested at 19.30% THC and .02 % CBD. I’m definitely feeling  heaviness in my head and  a nice couch lock coming on, making this a very nice bedtime strain.  There’s a cerebral quality to this one too, and I’m enjoying vegging out watching the X-Files on Netflix with Fruit Loops loaded in my pipe.

I am going to thoroughly enjoy these 2 grams of Fruit Loops but probably won’t seek it out again only because taste wise I wish this had been fruitier.  Like I said, this is more of a dull fruit taste, not an explosive fruit taste like Tangie or Cherry Pie has, for example.


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