Black Cream Auto at almost 3.5 Weeks


I am so in love with her!  Apparently we have one more week or so til the bloom phase.  I can hardly wait!

Meanwhile, I’m tickled pink about finding those 3 Gorilla Glue seeds from the Monday $6/gram special at Hi.  I may  go back next Monday and get whatever the special is in hopes of finding more bag weed and pick up a new Clear Path sativa cartridge, but I haven’t gone to a dispensary for a few weeks now and still have a lot of weed to use up first so the bag weed quest could continue when my cartridges are used up and I truly need to go back.

Hi also sells seeds cheap – 10 for $15 but they are regular seeds, not feminized, and I really liked the thrill of finding the seeds myself.  Lastly, my interest in photo cannabis plants are waning in favor of autoflower strains.

If everything goes as planned at harvest I will have way more pot that I can possibly use, even after making cannaoil, so I will have some awesome Christmas presents to give out this year!

My latest fear is how to keep my clothes from smelling like weed when the weed is drying out.  UG UG UG.  I’ve learned some helpful tips so far but I just can’t go to work smelling like a dispensary.   I still have time to come up with more preventative measures but UG UG UG!  If any of you have a special method, please comment below!


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