Happy Birthday Black Cream Auto!

My baby Black Cream Autoflower turned one month old today.  In people years that’s almost as old as I am!


And then I turned her away from the bulb so she wouldn’t get overheated and I wanted the smaller shoots to get good light:

She is smaller by comparison to many other autos I’ve seen online but I don’t care.  She’s my first and I love her.  I have better light now and who knows maybe she was a bit of a runt but she’s the prettiest plant in the world to me right now, a mother’s love what can I say.

She is green, healthy, and growing strong!  To think at Halloween I could be harvesting her!

I fantasize about smoking my own home grown for the first time.  I’m guessing Black Cream will finish before my outside photos, the Tangerine Dreams, and that Black Cream will be my first inhale of home grown.  I hope I won’t be disappointed in it!  Hope it’s as good or almost as good as what I get at the dispensaries!  I’ve been using the Fox Farm nutes and molasses and lots and lots of TLC so we’ll see!


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