Strain Review: Gorilla Glue

I got my first bag seed from Hi’s $6/gram special, which was Gorilla Glue that week.  I wrote about that awhile back but I neglected to actually review the strain.  We can’t have that!

Mine tested at 23.59% THC and .14% CBD and was told it was an indica hybrid, and that I believe.  Listening to music on this strain is unbelievable, like there is an extra layer or level of music added.  I don’t want to go to bed but it’s midnight and I work tomorrow. I am definitely feeling some happy laziness and I don’t want to leave my chair in spite of feeling a bit drowsy.

While Gorilla Glue’s smell and taste are just average and generic weed smell and taste, the high is undeniably outstanding, and I see why this is popular.  I’m thrilled to pieces that I got 3 free seeds along with this good weed and that this will be next year’s outdoor pheno grow, only unlike this year I will have the new potential challenge/sadness of yanking out males.  Hoping at least one is female!


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