Cartridge Review: Blue City Diesel (Bld)

Tonight I bought a new Clear Path brand vape cartridge, Blue City Diesel. The parents of Blue City Diesel are Blueberry and NYC Diesel, and this one tested at 68.72% THC and 2.44% CBD.

The high is a lovely clear headed one like that of Blue Dream, and it is the most sour strain I’ve ever experienced! There is a light berry flavor but the rest of the flavor is pure sour with the smoothe sizzle of the diesel. Initially I’m not taking to the taste of these vapors, but I could also see the taste growing on me too. Time will tell!

Clear Path is the best brand metal tipped cartridge I’ve used to date and the oil is clear, light, and of primo quality. I can’t go wrong with this one for that reason alone.

I can’t see myself buying this again; for the same high I’d much rather vape Blue Dream.


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