Strain Review: Dr. Deadhead

Tonite my friend and I walked to my new favorite dispensary, Hi, on 78th and Powell in Portland, Oregon, which was nearly an 8K walk round trip. The $6/gram happy hour special this evening was Dr. Deadhead, which the budtender said was an indica. On Leafly I found Deadhead OG and other sativa and sativa dominant hybrids but not Dr. Deadhead.

This one tested at 21.51% THC and .49% CBD. It has an unusual smell and taste – like that of a baguette/baked bread. It’s really good! I’ve had some earthy strains that smelled and tasted like dirt, but this really is bread tasting. Yum!

Indeed, my head is feeling heavy so I would agree this is an indica as the budtender said. My eyes feel a bit puffy and I feel some drowsiness settling in. Nice! Not sure I’d buy it again but for the price it’s great! I keep hoping to find more bag seed on their $6/gram specials. None were found tonite, but I like a good deal anyway.


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