Curing the Blues with a Blueberry Seed

Today was a disconnected from humans day.  Not a bad day, but I felt a bit adrift and also cried a few times thinking about my mom, who is dying of lung cancer.  Playing Pokemon Go cheered me up a bit, and I lit a fire in the fire pit when I got home from work and that’s always nice too.

Since Black Cream Autoflower is starting to bloom at nearly five weeks, I decided to further cheer myself up by putting a Blueberry feminized autoflower seed in a small glass of water.  In a day or two I should see a sprout, and this will be significant because the last time I got a free pack of feminized blueberry seeds I planted them directly into the soil and none of them germinated. Well I’ve learned a lot since that first grow, believe me 🙂  The glass of water method worked for Black Cream so it should for Blueberry too.

I also learned that I probably shouldn’t have done low stress training (LST) on Black Cream Auto in spite of the articles I’d read that said it was okay to do.  And maybe it is…but my next auto grow, the Blueberry, will have next to no training and we’ll see if that’s better in the long run or not.  Oh well, I have 6 more seeds of Black Cream, and I will still get a couple of dry ounces from her nonetheless, I bet.  Two ounces will last me a long time and I will continually switch up my autoflower varieties. I prefer variety over quantity.  After Blueberry I’ll get to buy a new pack of seeds, and right now I’m going with Grape Muerto, and then I’ll get a free pack with that and I’ll request anything but Blueberry.  That means in the summer I can have 2 full crops of autoflowers, 8 plants total (4 is the legal limit in Oregon).

I have my free photo seeds from bag seed and I’m thrilled to pieces to have them, but for me autoflowers make way more sense, given that I’m not growing big amounts for dispensaries and medical patients, I’m just growing it for personal use.  I do not want to buy a grow tent and I don’t want to fuss with lights and timers.  Also because they are smaller it would be easy to bring them inside if need be.

So come February I’ll need to make a decision:  do one crop of photo plants knowing that at least two of them will probably be males and what a waste of time and space that is, or do two crops of four feminized autoflowers, for eight different kinds?  Or a mix of both?


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