Black Cream is Blooming!

This is so freaking exciting.  True to its calendar, Black Cream is blooming at nearly 5 weeks old!  It took my photos 7 months to get to this point!   I love how fast autoflowers are!   It’s looking like I should get 9 or 10 buds out of it.  Not sure how big they will get given that her life will be over in about 6 weeks or so, but I’m sure it will be enough for personal use!

It’s not easy to see in this pic, but if you look at the top  node there are yellow hairs.  I moved her off the top of the stove down to the back left burner with a plate underneath the pot as she is growing too close to the light.   I tied down one of the branches and look forward to training some of the others when they get a little bigger.

I’m having a terrible day, Stoner Friends.  I walked a half marathon yesterday for Lung Cancer Awareness in honor of my dying mother, and got zero comment on this from my family.  At work everyone got invited to a pizza party but me.  They invited me at the last minute, but I had already made plans, and who wants to be someone’s afterthought anyway?   Lastly, I was supposed to go on a date tonite and I’ve heard nothing, so I’ve been stood up more or less. I feel unwanted and at the rock bottom of everyone’s list today.

I can’t wait to go home and be with the kitties and my beautiful budding cannabis plants and light up a fire on the back patio.

Also, I will need to check on my Blueberry Auto seed that is germinating in a glass of water.  Can’t wait to


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