Blueberry Autoflower germinated :)

Baby Blue was born today!  She is now in a magenta Solo cup next to Black Cream Auto and I should see something by Saturday.

What will I do differently?

I’ve been reprimanded a bit for using low stress training on Black Cream Auto but I haven’t seen that it’s done any harm so I’m still going to use that technique, but next time I will put the small plant closer to the side of the large pot so that I’ll have more room to stretch her across to the other side to better maximize my small space in order to keep bathing all parts of the plant in bright light.

Other than that I think I’ll continue on as I have with my indoor grows.  In the summer when I can put them outside again I will let them grow naturally without any training.

People in the Pacific NW are already experiencing bud rot with last Saturday’s drenching, so I covered my potted girls tonite in plastic, as it’s supposed to rain tomorrow.  Having to mess with and worry about this shit makes me love my autoflowers all the more.  The two outside smaller girls in the ground are smaller because of the trees that are shading them.  They will still get wet but I’m just gonna shake em off.  I should care more about them but I’m mostly concerned about Mistress Citrus and Clone 3 (both photos, Tangerine Dream).

Am smoking Helix tonite and it’s knocking me on my ass 🙂 time to go to bed.


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