Getting Closer to Harvest! – but dealing with powdery mildew :( and I somehow killed Blueberry Auto.

I’m getting very excited about Harvest Time, and not even the @#$% powdery mildew I’m dealing with can dampen my spirits!  The hairs are starting to curl and turn color, and the buds are getting frosty!  Still, the trichomes don’t seem cloudy or amber enough, and more hairs need to curl and turn color first.  I have anywhere from 2-4 weeks left.  I didn’t realize that at this stage they don’t really smell now like they did back in August when they were quite fragrant.  If you get up close and sniff you can smell them, but you don’t smell them yonder in the breeze now, for which I’m grateful.  I’m less worried about thieves now and more worried about POWDERY MILDEW.

At first I thought it was ash from the fire pit nearby, but then I saw people in my weed group profaning powdery mildew and when I google imaged it I knew right away I had an infestation on my hands, at least on Mistress Citrus.

The recommended commercial organic and safe remedy costs $53, so I went with a home remedy, mouth wash 🙂  They say it works, so I mixed the one part mouthwash with three parts water like they said, and picked off the infected leaves.   It’s frustrating.  You think you have them all then you look at your plant from a different angle and see more.

The others seem mostly unscathed.  Mostly.  I ripped off a few leaves from them too.

Needless to say, the weed from Mistress Citrus will be used for tinctures, rosin, and edibles, NOT for smoking.  Smoking mold can be very harmful…

So yeah I’m a little stressed but also very happy.  Black Cream Auto is coming along fine too, and I don’t think she’s gonna give me a big yield but I still love her to pieces all the same and I will savor her bud in a pipe.  I have another Blueberry Auto seed germinating in a clear shot glass in the bathroom in the dark, and she should be ready to plant tomorrow, we’ll see.  Try, try again!

Here are some current pics of Tangerine Dream, my 4 photoperiod plants outside:


11 thoughts on “Getting Closer to Harvest! – but dealing with powdery mildew :( and I somehow killed Blueberry Auto.

    1. Hi Pothead! When Blueberry Auto sprouted I think I put her under too harsh lighting. I have another germinating at the moment, we’ll see what happens! Best wishes in your first harvest! I’m getting excited too 🙂

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  1. Yes feed it to them like that. CAL/Mag should arrest any further progress of the mold. However this is only for the Veg state. The last video has other fixes.

    This is a pretty good video. I do not use their product but their videos have taught me a lot.

    Then there is this if the plant is in flowering.

    Mag/Cal best used in Veg state.
    Another good video

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