Cartridge Review: God Bud (Gdb)

I bought this cartridge by Select Strains a couple of weeks ago but hadn’t toked on it enough to give a review until this evening.

God Bud is an indica, and mine tested at 67.23% THC and 1.65% CBD. It reminds me of Hindu Kush, but not quite as tasty. There are notes of grape and black licorice, and maybe a bit of tree pitch thrown in? There’s a small scrape on the exhale if that makes sense.

This is a good one for insomnia, as I’m feeling some waves of drowsiness wash over me. I like this!  It is also making me feel creative.  I’m giving this one five stars on Leafly.
During the week I’m an indica gal because I have trouble sleeping, especially lately. My mom is dying and I’d be surprised if she made it two more weeks. I’m a complete mess to say the least, and I cry a lot these days.
I’m blessed that I live in Oregon where cannabis is legal, and Medical Mary Jane comes to my rescue at nighttime and I often listen to delta wave music too to help relax me. It usually works! If not I smoke more pot 🙂 My nightstand is an indica altar with 3 loaded pipes, 1 loaded bubbler, and 1 loaded bong. I clean up and refill before bed or in the morning.
I would be interested in trying God Bud in flower form. While the vape concentrates have a higher % THC, the natural flower still hits me harder and I do like it better than vaping for the most part.  I do ike the vape a lot though because it’s convenient to discreetly toke outside at restaurants, walking in the park, etc. It’s also easier on the lungs and there’s no ash or ashy taste, no mess or pipes to clean out other than an occasional Q-Tip swab of the contacts.
In short – fellow Insomniacs, if you haven’t tried God Bud yet, you might want to. It tastes and smells good, but most importantly it does the job.



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