Daydreaming about Making my Own Cartridges

I saw a video on YouTube on how to make your own vape cartridge concentrates!   You use 1 part food grade vegetable glycerin to 1 part food grade propylene glycol and stir in a lot of kief.  You simmer this on a double boiler for two hours, stirring and cooling every 20 minutes.  Once it’s cooled to room temperature you strain it and inject the fluid into an empty vape cartridge with a 10mm syringe.

What I will do is grind up lots of bud for canna-oil, tinctures, and then use all the kief from that for the concentrates.  The Tangie cartridge I bought by Clear Path is among my favorite of all, so I’m hopeful that Tangerine Dream will be very similar!

I would love to make concetrates of Black Cream too, but I don’t think I’m gonna have a big yield off this one this time around so I will probably save all that bud for the pipe and bong.

I will grow Blueberry Auto in a more traditional way with less low stress training and see if that works better or not.

Always learning!   Hope everyone is having a successful Croptober this year!


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