The 2 Potted Girls are Inside

Well I drug my 2 potted Tangerine Dreams, the 2 big ones, inside.  It’s been raining off and on for several days now with no end in sight. They are now in my poorly lit home gym, but it will have to do.  They only have a couple more weeks anyway.   Time to start flushing!

I am very lucky to have a cool standing oscillating gym fan and it has been drying off the ladies.  A small branch broke on the way in, and I had fun trimming it and hanging it up in the bathroom.  I’ll test it [way too early] in a few days.  They do smell like oranges now!  So exciting!

Meanwhile I will shake  water off the 2 girls outside a few times a day and say some prayers.  My fears throughout this grow have gone from thieves to powdery mildew (still a real fear I’m dealing with on one plant) and now the new fear is  BUD ROT.

From now on for a good year or so it will be autoflower only with me.  These Tangerine Dream photos have been a great joy to experience a life cycle with, but they have caused me more than a little stress and worry too.   So far Black Cream Auto has been a walk in the park by comparison!  I really hope to be an expert autoflower grower someday!

I planted Blueberry Auto again and I’m hoping things will go better this time around.


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