Rest in Peace, Mom + High on Home Grown

I accidentally broke a branch off one of the Tangerine Dreams awhile back and hung it up in the bathroom to dry. My mother passed away this morning and when I got home it was a most nice, welcome, mindless activity to trim it. It was my first real trim job and I’ve got lots to learn, but I am smoking it and I am getting pretty darned high – and this was cut prematurely! I can hardly wait to see what my mature buds will to do me, and what they will taste like! I am waiting til the potted girls turn amber before harvesting. I’d say we have at least two weeks.

I ground up my freshly trimmed Tangerine Dream bud in the grinder and have smoked a couple of bowls of it:



It tastes good, though mild. It’s a hybrid with a 50/50 sativa/indica split, imo, and I’m pleased as punch at how potent it is! The Tangerine Dream at the dispensary smelled much skunkier and dank, and I don’t expect for a minute that my first crop of home grown would be as good as what is sold in a dispensary but I’m betting they will taste and smell more potently orange at harvest time in 2 weeks or so!
This was a nice perk to an emotional roller coaster ride of a day. My mom is gone from this planet but no longer suffering, and guess what I came home to? Blueberry Autoflower sprouting!  New Life! I had forgotten/given up on it while at the folks’ this week!

5 thoughts on “Rest in Peace, Mom + High on Home Grown

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your Mom. It’s nice that you had the girls to come home to.
    They certainly won’t take her place, but no matter what the instrument you have to relieve some of your grief it is always more than welcome. Have a good day Happy!

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    1. Hugs. Thanks Pothead. Today is a much better today after 14 hours of sleep. Mom is gone and I’m grieving but I’m also elated that she is no longer suffering too. MMJ is a nice diversion, though 🙂 PPP

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    2. Hi Pothead! Thank you for the well wishes. I’m still healing, but doing so much better. It’s a relief to not be worrying 24/7 about Mom and witnessing her suffering. I’m back to getting up at 4:00am for my workouts and eating better too. 2017 will be a better year! Peace be, and Hugs xoxo

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