Cartridge and Strain Review: Naked Extracts High CBC Cartridge + Harle-Tsu Flower

Happy Shatterday, Everyone!   I went with my friend to the dispensary that lets you use a credit card, no fee. I was there this time on a CBD mission, and am taking bong hits of Harle-Tsu at the moment, which is .41% THC and 18.3% CBD. I really like the taste of it, kind of a spicy orange! I enjoy getting high but I like weed mostly for it’s calming effects, as I’m a bit high strung.  I like a heavy body high.  I do feel relaxed!  I like this one and wouldn’t mind growing it someday

The fun part is the budtender recognized my name from Facebook and all my positive posts and reviews so she gave me 10% off my purchases today and talked me into buying a high CBC cartridge by Naked Extracts. She said that not only does it have 49.39% THC and .90% CBD, but it also has 21.13% CBC and her customers said it worked like a valium!  I don’t know much about CBC and found this on the interwebs:

Cannabichromene (CBC)

Evidence has suggested that CBC may play a role in the anti-inflammatory and anti-viral effects of cannabis, and may contribute to the overall analgesic effects of medical cannabis. A study done in March 2010 showed that CBC along with cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) have antidepressant effects. Another study showed that CBC helps promote neurogenesis.

I gotta say, it doesn’t taste great – it tastes like moss, frankly, and there is no cute name for this strain, just “The Naked Extracts Cartridge That Has High CBC in It”

The oil in the cartridge is clear and I like that it has a metal tip and is full to the top of product. High marks in the packaging department!

I’m actually getting *really* high from vaping this high CBC cartridge and I see why the budtender’s customers came back for more.

Off to research more on CBC. I hope other terpenes will continue to get some attention, not just the usual THC and CBD!




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