You Know You’re a Nerd When You Get Excited about Plant Fertilzer

The Tangerine Dreams still have at least a couple of weeks to go, and I’m worried that they won’t taste and smell nearly as tangeriney as the bud I smelled at the dispensary.  I didn’t learn about feeding them molasses until later on in bloom, so we’ll see.  Luckily Black Cream Auto has gotten molasses in her bloom phase all along.

Meanwhile, I want Black Cream Auto and Blueberry Auto to turn out as tasty as possible so I looked online to see what types of nutes would help enhance the flavor of the bud.  To my surprise you can buy carb loading nutes (use like you do with the molasses, I assume) that come in four flavors: Raw (is it just molasses under a different name?), Citrus, Berry, and Grape.  I ordered the grape one because I think that it will enhance both Black Cream Auto and Blueberry Auto tremendously from what I’ve read of their flavor profiles!  Had I known this was around I would have bought the citrus one for the Tangerine Dreams.

I have learned so much along this journey!

Here’s a pic I just took of Black Cream Auto.  She’s 8.5 weeks old today 🙂



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