The Potted Girls get Chopped Today

I chopped down Mistress Citrus this morning and will do the same with Clone 3 tonite.  Clones 1 and 2 were harvested from the ground a bit early due to heavy rains and bud rot.  Luckily I only had to cut out a few buds;  a friend of mine lost half a plant to it.

The potted girls are ready for harvest, and I want my home gym back 🙂

I picked up a 5th of Everclear on break to make my first cannabis tincture tonite.  I’m so excited!  It should be finished in three weeks but of course I’ll sample some earlier.  The remaining trim and some of the smaller buds from the two  potted girls I chopped down today will go to canna-oil, and the big buds will be for smoking and to give away as gifts.

Black Cream Auto is 9 weeks old today.  Her description says 8-10 weeks but I think it will be more like 12.  I’m waiting until the leaves all start turning yellow, then I will know for sure that it is time, as not all autoflowers ever get amber trichomes, so trichome color isn’t what you go by.   Her buds are healthy looking and beautiful, but on the small side.  Praying they will get fatter and bigger!

Blueberry Auto is doing well and turns one week old tomorrow,  I think it’s sweet she popped out of the ground the day my mother passed away.  I’m starting her and her sister right away with the grape flavor enhancing nutes.





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