Blueberry Failure = Lemon Meringue Photo Attempt

Both times I purchased seeds from Southern Oregon Seeds I got Blueberry as my free pack.  NONE of them have made it past a few days post sprouting.  EVERY other seed I’ve planted in my journey so far HAS grown and done well, the only reason some died was 100% my fault, I decapitated one, two of them fried under too much heat by being too close to the light, etc.

I’m kind of miffed and sick of trying to grow more blueberry at the moment, so I went to look through my small bag seed collection and one of the Lemon Meringue seeds looked to be female if this classic diagram is to be believed:


Well, I pulled out the jeweler’s loupe, and my seed looks like 1, 3, and 4 (like butt holes!) so I’m still not sure that what I’m planting is female.  Time will tell, I guess!  Meanwhile, Black Cream Auto turns 10 weeks old on Wednesday, and is nowhere near being done (yay!) I’d say I have at least 2 more weeks to go with her, since none of her leaves have turned yellow and I see that more bud development is to be had.  Her buds, though not numerous or huge, are super, super frosty and I’m very excited to smoke this someday!  Since the yield will be low I won’t be giving this smoke out as gifts.  This will be all mine 🙂 And the good news is, I have 6 more Black Cream seeds!

So I already broke my rule about only growing autoflower and only using feminized seeds.  The thing is I’m not feeling very rich right now, and since I’m getting a generous yield from the 4 Tangerine Dreams this season I won’t need to buy much at the dispensary for awhile, though I love trying new strains and will always pick up something different to try every now and then, plus, getting an occasional bag seed is like Christmas for me!

It would be so delightful if this plant turns out to be female and that I do okay with a photo plant indoors.  I really don’t want to buy a grow tent; they are big and obnoxious looking and I worry about ventilation with them.  I will continue to use a cfls bulb and get a timer for the lamp and keep it in the second bathroom where it can get great artificial light as well as complete darkness and a fan going.

Of course I had to buy the citrus nutes to help with her flavor – wish I would have known about this for the Tangerine Dreams!

I’ll be so bummed if Lemon Meringue is a boy 😦 I hate performing plant abortions on any plant, yet alone my beloved cannabis!


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