The Good News and The Bad News

The good news first: I wish all of you could smell how heavenly creamy chocolately like a mocha Black Cream is; I harvested her today. She smells PRIMO and unlike all 4 of my outside Tangerine Dream girls, has no powdery mildew or bud rot.
The obvious bad news – I composted the 2 big Tangerine Dreams I cultivated from February through October. The other 2 smaller ones I harvested, the good buds are mixed with the bad buds so I have nothing from them either really, and they too had some bud rot. They all get tossed too. the only good stuff I got was from branches that came off prematurely.
This makes me appreciate my beloved indoor autoflower all the more, who, while small, matured perfectly without incident.  I’m using the fan leaves for tomorrow’s green smoothie:


I’m not too upset about the crop failure believe it or not. I have other grow friends in the Pacific Northwest who had the same problem, so I know at least it’s not all me. My mom just died and this failed crop seems trivial in comparison.
I also really enjoyed these plants throughout every stage of their lives. I learned so much, in no small part thanks to you guys!
Time to move on. I’m going to toss the Lemon Meringue seed because I don’t trust that diagram and it will be a waste of time if it’s not a female.  I’m going to try for another Blueberry (wish me luck) and another Black Cream.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


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