Over 40 Durban Poison Seeds + Trimming Black Cream Auto Tonite

I hit a special at the dispensary, $20 for an eighth of Durban Poison.  The catch?  It was seedy.  I LIKE SEEDS!  I got over 40 of them, which more than pays for the weed, and the weed is good too in that it smells and tastes great and over 20% THC.  I know a lot of people would be pissed at getting seedy weed, but not me, though I have yet to try growing regular, non-feminized seeds and to cull out the males. But hey, this will be a life long hobby and an economic way of going about it.  I can grow say 3 seeds, and if one of them is a female I can make clones.

Black Cream Auto has very little yield, I’ll upload a pic later when I’m done. I’ll be lucky if I even got an ounce off of her.  I’m starting my last Blueberry Auto seed and hope this one will make it.  I gave one to my friend as I’ve had such bad luck with these free seeds from Southern Oregon Seeds, but she has a grow tent so maybe it will do better in her setup.

I have another Black Cream Auto started too.  I’m so happy I got 7 seeds instead of 5!  Black Cream smells divine, I wish there was some special coding I could do so that you all could smell it here!

I’m kind of broke at the moment so instead of buying new seeds I may just try growing the photos I have.

I can’t wait to actually smoke the Black Cream; it will be my first harvest, given that all 4 Tangerine Dreams had bud rot.  It smells like a chocolatey and sweet desert, and I’ve never seen it offered at a dispensary.  The closest thing I’ve had to Black Cream is Vanilla Kush, which was also sublime and tested at 27% THC.

The hard part will be waiting a month or two for the Black Cream to cure!   At least I have unlimited smelling!


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