Strain Review: Durban Poison (Dp)

As you already know, I bought an eighth of Durban Poison that was on special because it was seedy – and I LOVE getting seeds, so it was a win/win for me, plus I’d never tried Durban Poison before.

I like it a lot!  I’m not even halfway into a bowl of it and I am HIGH!  I have a high tolerance to weed at the moment so the fact I’m high already is huge.  It’s definitely a sativa, something I save for the weekends since I’m pretty amped up naturally as it is and I normally need indicas to help bring me down.

Mine tested at 20.17 % THC.

Durban Poison tastes like a sweet and sour candy with a hint of mint.  It is a pure sativa from South America, no parents.  This one is awesome for the senses, music has more body to it, colors jump out.. I am THRILLED I have lots of seeds of this strain, and have 2 germinating at the moment.  Praying at least one is a female!   Blueberry Auto looks to be doing well so far, knock on wood.  Black Cream #2 is in soil and she should pop up in a day or two I would imagine.


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