Blueberry Auto is 1 Week Old

This is the first of the 9 feminized blueberry seeds I’ve planted from Southern Oregon Seeds to actually make it this far.  Yay!   We’re not out of the woods yet, but we’re off to a good start!

Black Cream Auto #2 seems to have perished along the way somehow.  Durban Poison #1, by contrast, is growing STRONG!  It grew more than an inch overnight – WOW!  I reallllly hope it’s a girl!  I’ll plant Durban Poison #2 after work tonite.  3 plants will be enough for me for awhile.

This will be my first photo grow indoors.  I can keep the Durban Poisons on the same light schedule as Blueberry Auto for a couple of months, but then I’ll have to move the Durban Poisons to the second bathroom upstairs where the light can be put on timers to 12/12 to enter the flowering stage.  If just one of the two is a a female I’d be so happy, I can always make clones from it!  Durban Poison is my current favorite sativa, it knocks me on my tail and I’m thrilled to have over 40 seeds of it!   I have one Lemon Meringue seed left and 3 or 4 Gorilla Glue seeds.  I’m going to trade some of the Durban Poison bag seed for some of my friend’s bag seed, I think she said Pineapple and Irish Rose but I can’t remember for certain..

I’m blue today.  I’m missing my mom, I’m sad that Trump’s presidency is already spreading hate crimes nationwide, and the studio where I’ve danced for years is closing. This new life sprouting up has helped me smile a little.


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