Missing Black Cream Auto #1

Is it silly that I miss the plant I recently chopped down?  I smoked a nug of the curing Black Cream and it’s divine.. yet I’m missing her as a living plant.  I miss smelling her flowers every day and watching her progress, feeling like I did something right.

Meanwhile, Blueberry Auto #4 is growing strong!  AT LAST!  I gave the 5th seed to my friend to grow in her tent, and she’ll share some of the bounty with me.  Durban Poison #1 is growing strong too, and I planted Durban Poison #2 yesterday.  I hope the soil isn’t too crappy and that she pops through soon!

I’m excited about the indoor gender unknown Durban Poisons because the quality of what I smoked of it was out of this world!  I do have timers for the lights, and it will be exciting to see if either of them are female.  What I may do though is just put them by the window since we are on a 12/12 cycle outside naturally.  hmm!  I don’t have to worry about this for awhile though.

What’s great is that no matter what the Blueberry Auto should for sure be a success; it’s past the extra fragile stage and is now in the just regular fragile stage at 1.5 weeks old.  The advantages of the photo plants are that I can top and supercrop as long as I wish and when I feel it’s full and bushy enough I can switch the light at will, switch up the nutes and force them to bloom.  When I had the Tangerine Dreams outside Mother Nature dictated all this and also gave me bud rot with the rain; inside I can control all of this, and that will be great fun.  Ideally I want the Durban Poinsons to be shorter but bushier than the outside Tangerine Dreams I had.

And just think, if one is a girl I can make clones!

It’s Monday, and Hi on Powell Blvd. has $5 or $6 grams on Mondays.  I will go tonite and see what they have.  I’m actually relatively low on flower at the moment..

Hope everyone’s week is off to a good start!


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