Strain Review: Terminator (Ter)

For the Monday special at Puddletown Organics I got some Terminator at $6/gram, and after a bowl of it I feel like someone wrapped me in a heavy, warm blanket! Mine tested at 25.82% THC and .08% CBD. Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger this strain is strong! I started feeling the effects after only a few hits and I have a high tolerance / blaze every day, so…if you’re an infrequent toker, be warned 🙂

The only reason I don’t give Terminator 5 stars on Leafly is because the flavor in the particular batch I got this evening is mild, and perhaps that’s why it was on special for $6/gram; it just doesn’t smell particularly dank or terpy.

While I’m stoked to be the first person to review Terminator on Leafly, I wish there were more reviews of it so I could get a better feel for what I’m supposed to be tasting here. It’s a pleasant taste, just mild…to me it smells and tastes a bit like sweet pine.

I feel a lovely indica induced relaxation and this jazz music that’s on seems extra ka-pa-pa-PA.

At Hi on Powell, just 2 blocks from Puddletown Organics where I got the Terminator, I got Lemon Haze at $6/gram as well.  I’ve only had Lemon Haze in vape concentrate form, not flower, but I loved the concentrate and I’ll bet the flower is just as good if not better!  My patience in weed hunting paid off this week and I’m set for at least a month now.  As usual, hoping I’ll find some seeds in tonite’s purchases!


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