Blueberry Auto is 2 Weeks Old!

The only reason why this is such a big deal is because of the 10 free Blueberry Seeds I’ve gotten from Southern Oregon seeds, this is the only one that made it.  I gave the 10th seed to a friend thinking this one would fail too, but it didn’t!

I think it’s safe to say she’s past the fragile stage and inching her way into true veg.  She’s already doing much better than my first auto, Black Cream Auto. I’m still curing the Black Cream and it smells wonderful!  I tested a bud and got high but for the full smell and flavor to come out it needs to cure longer.  Thank God for Boveda 62 packs!  I’m still opening and closing the jar, but if I forget I know Boveda has my back.

The Durban Poison photo is also doing well!  It’s a week behind Blueberry, and of course I’m dying to know whether it’s a male or female!  I should know in about 6 weeks based on what I’m reading online.   I look forward to topping and shaping Durban Poison, since with autoflowers I’m limited to just low stress training.   I need to get another Durban Poison seed started to up my chances of one of them being female.  The demise of the last Black Cream and Durban Poison seeds I’m pretty sure were due to poor soil.

I’m going to pitch that soil and start over, mixing new soil with potash from my fire pit.  Cannabis loves this from what I’ve read!   It should give it some nutrients and also improve the consistency of the soil I have.

I’m poor right now, and this will be a fun grow rhythm for awhile – one autoflower seed to to two regular photo sex unknown seeds.  And heck, if one of these 2 Durban Poisons is female, then I can make clones!   I could grow DP indefinitely, and I would be happy with that!   The weed these seeds came from knocked my friggin’ socks off, plus it was tasty!  I’m using nutes to enhance the natural citrus notes and will throughout its life cycle and will add molasses in during the bloom phase. I’m using the grape one to enhance Blueberry Auto, and hope that both will come out terpy and dank!

Happy FRIEDday, Everyone!


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