Daydreaming about Weed

I’m waking and baking with Blue City Diesel while I wait for my stoner friend to come over so we can go Pokemonning, in the rain.  We are obsessed..

Blueberry Auto is doing so well, but this time around I’m more interested in my bag seed grow, the Durban Poison, just because this is as bare bones as it gets and I love getting things for free 🙂  DP is also doing very well, and the leaves are huge compared to other strains I’ve grown.   I will be just over the moon happy if one of the two DP’s are female, and I’m eagerly looking for any early telltale signs that they might be boys.  So far in my 9 months of growing weed I’ve only used feminized seeds so this is brand new territory for me.  And then I can make clones… so exciting!

I dream about being cannabissly self sufficient someday, always being able to grow my own and not need to go to a dispensary, though at this point the weed at the dispensary is way better than mine, of course!   The DPs should produce a bigger volume, but yanno I’m still sold on the autoflowers overall.  I hate having to fuss with light, and outdoors my Tangerine Dreams came down with powdery mildew and bud rot, so I’m becoming a fan of indoor growing even though I have a very amateur setup.  I like having control over the environment.  I’m hoping that I can top and trim the DPs so that when they flower the plant overall won’t be too tall, I want a short and dense bushy plant.

Also daydreaming that my Blueberry Auto will slurp up the grape flavor enhancing nutes and be yummy too.  The Black Cream Auto did get molasses and smelled delicious when I cut her down but now as she’s curing she’s not smelling exceptional, just okay, though the nugs are covered in crystals, which makes me very happy!  I hope that in another month the flavors will come out more?  I can be patient.


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