Blueberry Auto 3 Weeks Old, Durban Poison 2 Weeks Old


Durban Poison, who is 2 weeks younger, is on the right.  Its leaves are huge and I already had to transplant it!  I saw pics on line of DP outside and there it had humongo leaves too – even though it’s a sativa.  Praying it’s a girl!   I have another DP seed germinating to up my chances… but that’s why I will always have at least 1 autoflower going – one that I know will be a girl and will produce in 2 months’ time.

Speaking of – Blue Mammoth Auto was on sale at Southern Oregon Seeds, a three seed pack for around $30 including S&H, but you always get the free pack.  I requested something other than Blueberry since that’s what they’ve sent me the last two times and only 1 out of 10 of them germinated – the seed I gave my friend also grew to an alfalfa sprout looking thing and keeled over. Needless to say, I’m thrilled that one Blueberry Auto freebie made it (pictured left).

Blue Mammoth sounds a lot like Blue Cheese based on the description, and Blue Cheese is one of my favorites.  Well, Blue Chunk is, which is also similar.. the THC content says “medium” and that’s fine, I just hope it smells sweet, stinky, and dank!   And of course I’m dying to know what the free pack will be!



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