Strain Review: Tangie (Tg)

We got out half day early today, so I went to Glisan Buds for the first time in months.  They had Cherry Pie on special for $33 and eighth and the quality is supremo.  Really, the other dispensaries I go to can’t compare to Glisan Buds quality wise.  I will be going back here again more, I think, even though Goth Boi is now at Foster Buds and unless I’m training at the gym across the street from there I won’t be seeing him again anytime soon.  Boo hoo!

I saw that they also had Tangie, so I spent the rest of my $ on that, close to 2 grams’ worth.  Now I’ve reviewed Tangie before, but as a Clear Path brand vape cartridge.  It was wonderful as an extract, and I’m happy to say the flower is just as fantastic!  I gave it the full five stars on Leafly.  It is sweet, dank, and uplifting and tastes like sweet orange candy.  I almost wanted to eat the nugs right out of the plastic container!

It has similar genetics to Tangerine Dream that I grew this year and that all came down with bud rot (RIP Lovely Ladies!) and having now smoked Tangie as flower I want to try growing  Tangie or Tangerine Dream again someday, only indoors since it has a long flowering period that runs into the Pacific NW rainy season..

The Tangie I’m smoking today tested at 21.76% THC and .06% CBD.  I’m feeling really good 🙂 and am going to read while walking on the treadmill in a few.  What a happy, uplifting strain!  Go buy some and experience for yourself, you won’t regret it!


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