Golden Pineapple and Star Trek Seeds!

I’m a lucky girl!  My stoner friend came by with some extra Golden Pineapple (Golden Goat x Pineapple) and Star Trek (Sensei Star x Trainwreck) seeds, only they are both in the same bag so who knows which are which though there may be some color differences between the two, I’ll look more closely later.

So not only will I not know the sex right away, I also won’t know the strain!  Too funny.  I’ve had Golden Pineapple before and it was marvelous!

Since Star Trek isn’t on Leafly and who knows how long the above Willamette Week  link will remain active, I’ll quote the essential part of the article here:

“This week I was in search of an Indica dominate variety, and I found the space nugget of my dreams in Star Trek.

This strain weighs in at 28.33% THC and 2.17% CBD and joins the full body supernova of Sensi Star and my all-time mind-bending favorite, Trainwreck to blast your mind and body into the next solar system.

Once the nug jug lid was popped, I find myself imagining a slice of zesty lemon blueberry coffee cake. It’s evident that the levels of limonene and myrcene are leading the terpene profile. This helps me explain the tangled feeling of being uplifted in my mind and the loosening of tension in the deepest nooks and crannies of my body. What in the world was this fabulous mess of aromas? Earthy sweetness meets it’s counterpart in a floral and citrus mash up. This is what happens when two juggernaut strains bump uglies to create a magical alien spawn”.

Star Trek sounds far out, and I love Sensei Star!  The Trainwrecks I’ve had have been outstanding too – Yay!

These new seeds only continue to feed my dreams of being cannabissly self-sufficient someday.  I would love to be one of those people  who has jars and jars of homegrown on the shelf.  I probably won’t get to smoke my first harvest, Black Cream, for another month or so!  It needs to cure some more for it’s deep flavors to emerge. It’s smelling better and better with each passing week though!

Once I get a sizeable crop from the Durban Poisons, assuming one of them is female, I can make my own dabs, and that will be first because I’ve told myself I won’t do dabs until I make my own. I have all the stuff to make rosin for dabs but don’t want to buy weed to do it, I will want to play with it when I have lots of nugs to spare, and that won’t happen til I grow a bunch of weed myself.

I have a new strategy now, though it is ever changing, mind you.  From now until March or so I will always have 2 autoflowers going downstairs and 2 photo plants going upstairs.  Once I can get clones of whatever photos I’m growing indoors those will go outdoors in plastic pots, 4 of them.  Those can get big and I will pray I don’t get powdery mildew again!

Meanwhile, indoors, I will have 4 autoflowers going, 2 upstairs and two downstairs.

Can you tell I’m anxious to have some girls in bloom stage again???  I’ll admit I did feel a perverse sense of pleasure topping Durban Poison for the first time today.  I look forward to seeing 2 branches emerge – I of course can’t do this with the autoflowers.  I envision my photos looking more like autos at flowering time though, I’m going to aim to keep these short, bushy, and dense.

I’m also dying to know what my free pack of seeds will be with my Blue Mammoth Auto purchase.

Okay, done rambling.  Hope everyone is having a nice Thanksgiving!


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