The New and Ever Changing Plan

Okay, since I got new autoflower seeds (Blue Mammoth and AK-47) my plans have changed.  I’ll continue growing two autoflowers inside at all times.
But in April, I’ll start 4 bag seed plants, and once they get hearty looking they will go outside in big pots along with two autoflowers, so at least those are guaranteed outside producers.
Praying  that at least 2 of the 4 bag seed plants are girls.  I think I’ll do one of each:
Durban Poison, 2 mystery seed that will be either Star Trek or Golden Pineapple, and a Gorilla Glue.
Currently Blueberry Auto is doing great!    I’ll post pics soon.  She’s growing more slowly than Black Cream did, but she’s much fuller, denser.  Last night I think she grew half an inch!  I really look forward to her taking off and getting big in veg!
In a week or two I’ll start AK-47 Auto, then the Blue Mammoth Auto,  then back to Black Cream!
BTW the curing Black Cream smells better every day.  I smoked a teeny bit on Monday and it was nice.  I look forward to grinding up a sizable amount in a few weeks to ceremoniously experience it around the firepit outside! It will be worth the wait.  Thank goodness for Bodeva packets to help the curing process along!

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