So Of Course I’ve Already Changed my Mind

I gave the sex unknown Durban Poison plant to a friend and am back to focusing on autoflowers 🙂  I received my Blue Mammoth Auto and AK-47 Auto seeds a couple of days ago from Southern Oregon Seeds.  It was an awesome deal!  The 3 seed Blue Mammoth pack was on sale, and I got a pack of 5 AK-47 seeds free!  I read up on AK-47 since I’d never tried it, and I’m more excited for it than I am the Blue Mammoth!  AK-47 prefers temps under 70 degrees – perfect for this time of year since I don’t like to leave the heat on when I’m not home and rely on the fluorescent grow bulb to keep them warmish, but it doesn’t really emit that much heat.

My new plan is to have 2 crops of 4 autoflowers outside next season.  I should still have some Black Cream and AK-47 at that time, and will pick up 2 more strains as well.  I am consumed with thoughts of having full mason jars of sticky dank buds next year instead of the quarter ounce or so of Black Cream I got this year.

I don’t have plans after work tonite, so I may try and make my own vape concentrate with kief, pineapple flavored propelene glycol, and vegetable glycerin.  I just need to pick up some syringes on break today so that I can squeeze the liquid extract into the vape cartridges.   If this actually works I will be on Cloud 9!  Vape cartridges typically run $45-$50 each for rec users in Oregon.



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