Strain Review: Black Cream


The Black Cream after a couple of months of curing smelled fragrant again and ready to smoke.

When I first cut her down she was VERY fragrant and smelled deeply of rich chocolate.   When she dried out, however, her unique smell went away and that was a huge bummer, but I put her in a glass jar with a Boveda 62 pack, and trusted that with the curing process her scent would return.

I’m glad I was able to be patient and let her cure the full two months before smoking because she now smells and tastes delicious!  Next time I imagine I will have a bigger yield, as this was my first autoflower grow and I learned a lot along the way.  I now use no stress training instead of low stress training and have better nutes for more flavorful terpenes.

I’m enjoying Black Cream very much, and am thrilled that I have 5 more seeds of it!  Her parents are Cream Caramel and Pakistani Kush. She originates from Spain, also adding to her exotic appeal.

Black Cream tastes both earthy and sweet; you can taste the Cream Caramel notes in it for sure. This weed truly tastes like a chocolatey desert and goes great with coffee.  I’m enjoying both a head and body high from Black Cream this lazy Sunday afternoon.  Since this is homegrown I don’t know what she tested at THC and CBD wise,  but she’s certainly potent and I’m very happy and relaxed.  Maybe I’m biased because this was my first successful grow, but I would say Black Cream is a definite favorite of mine.