Blueberry Auto, The Runt, Is In Bloom + Seed Inventory

Blueberry Auto is 5 weeks old as of Wednesday and of course it is time for her to be blooming – except that she is REALLY small!  I’ll be lucky to get 3 buds off her… but a mother’s love knows no bounds 🙂

I started two AK-47 seeds and hope that they will be more robust.

I’m done buying seeds for awhile, because my collection at the moment will offer a super variety next season as is, though I will probably cave at some point and buy Red Poison and Dark Devil.

Here is my current seed inventory:

feminized autoflower:

blue mammoth
night queen
black cream (which smoked wonderfully, can’t wait to grow her again!)
skunk #1

bag seed, sex unknown, photoperiod plants:

gorilla glue
lemon meringue
durban poison (looooove this one, fucks me up big time)

golden pineapple
star trek

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