Feeling Better About Blueberry Auto + Stoned with 9 Pound Hammer

I went to a Blueberry Autoflower grow blog online and was happy to see that this man who grew one in a grow tent had a plant smaller than mine when it started blooming.  Yay!  It’s not just me, this is a small plant 🙂  Here is theirs at the same stage as mine now:


And here is mine!   I feel that even while in bloom she will still grow some while forming buds.  I’m starting to get excited, even though of course I’ll be getting a small yield unless something miraculous happens.  Praying the grape terpene enhancers I’m giving her are doing their magic!  20161210_120210.jpg

The ice is starting to thaw and icicles are falling off trees.  I’m still on Day 3 of being inside and loving it.  I really am a homebody at heart and look forward to a slower paced life in retirement someday.

Today inside while icicles are falling off trees outside I’ve just been hit by a 9 Pound Hammer!

My behind is melting into into the bar stool like a Dali painting as I sip this blueberry green tea and stare out the window. Watching ice drip is relaxing and I know I should be more productive today, but why?

I normally save 9 Lb. Hammer for bedtime and it usually knocks me out pretty fast, but I wanted to try it fully awake and caffeinated today to see what happened.

Well yes, it does feel a bit like a hammer to the noggin, but it’s a warm, gentle thud. My house is the coziest most perfect place I could be at this moment and I’m very content. I’m not tired, but wouldn’t be averse to laying down in bed and experience the euphoria was over me.

I’m giving this the full 5 stars on Leafly because not only is it a potent sleeping pill, it also smells and tastes great, like grape and lime. Because I have trouble sleeping sometimes, this strain is a favorite of mine and I always buy some when I see it available.



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