Blueberry Auto is 6 Weeks Old Today + Wake & Bake

I will upload a pic for this blog when I get home tonite 🙂 this is more for myself than for you, my Readers, because I do like to use these blogs as references for future grows.  I’ve been looking where Black Cream was at at this time and doing comparisons, and that has been helpful.

Blueberry Auto has doubled in height from last week – WHEW!  I was getting worried she was a total runt!  Praying she will continue to grow even though she’s in bloom and have at least as big a yield as Black Cream did (which was only a little over an 8th I’m guessing)

Since both of my autoflowers have been on the small side I put two AK-47 seeds in soil last night.  These were the free seeds from Southern Oregon Seeds.  They were in water for three days or so and I didn’t want them to rot in there.  They had just started sprouting out the bottom so I put the in moist soil under the warmer halogens like I always do, so now we sit back and wait and hope for the best.  I’d like to grow two at a time indoors if they are going to continue to be small.

I daydream constantly about next season’s big outdoor grow and how big my autoflowers will get outside next year!  I should at last have a good variety and quantity, provided they don’t get stolen.

About halfway through my workout this morning I decided to smoke a bowl of Cherry Pie since I had to shower and wash my hair and change later anyway so why not?  I usually don’t do this during the week but I gotta say it was very nice working out high and riding the bus downtown in the dark all relaxed looking at Christmas lights and such 🙂  It’s a really nice magical way to start the day I must say.



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