Yay! Blueberry Auto Has Nearly Doubled Her Height in Just One Week


I’m so relieved she had a growth spurt because I was worried she was a runt!   She nearly doubled her height this week.  She’s still small, don’t get me wrong, but now she has at least as much potential as my Black Cream had, I think.  Reeeeaaalllly hoping she continues to grow at this rate for a few weeks and that the buds become full and robust.

Meanwhile, the two AK-47 seeds are under soil beneath the very warm kitchen halogens. Hoping at least one will sprout!   The weed at the dispensary is really fantastic for the most part but man it can be expensive after a while if you’re a stoner and blaze daily like me.   I am a green thumb on a budget and just can’t wait to one day become cannabissly self-sufficient by growing my own and always having a full supply on hand.   I just need to keep learning and experimenting with nutes to get the most dank, flavorful buds.   I’m very pleased with how Black Cream turned out but there’s room for improvement for sure.   What I also love about home grown is getting the trim!  I look forward to the trim almost as much as getting buds because I make oils, tinctures, and use kief from my grinder to make vape concentrates.   I also want to make my own rosin for dabs once I have enough extra yield to accommodate that.

So antsy for early spring to get here to start working on the 2017 outdoor crops so this dream can come true!   September rains killed my photo flowers this year with bud rot, so autoflowers all the way this time around for the quick turnaround times they have, and outside they can get good yields!   Meanwhile I’ll continue growing autos indoors because I have limited space and what can I say, Cannabis Ruderalis enchants me.

I still have the dream of growing the photo bag seed I have but I won’t have time to risk that until I have a steady flow of weed coming in first.   Since I don’t know the sex of these seeds a lot of time could be wasted, but on the other hand once you get a female it’s soooo easy to make clones, which is a huge timesaver!   And I must admit the thought of growing something wonderful from bag seed would make me extraordinarily happy and pleased with myself 🙂  Also, I really enjoy topping and using high stress training on photo plants.  You can’t do any of that with autoflowers because they are on a strict time schedule and the stress of these actions take away precious life time while recovering.

In spite of photos’ advantages, I can’t help but preferring the simplicity and timeliness of the autoflowers.  I now have an ample supply of feminized autoflower seeds to last me quite awhile, though of course there are two more I really want, Dark Devil and  Red Poison, and knowing me I will have them within the next few months 🙂

IF ALL GOES AS IT SHOULD I will have two crops of 4 autoflower strains, and possibly eight different kinds!  I will have both variety and quantity to hopefully last me the year.

Time is the biggest factor for me in growing cannabis.  I am patient and it has served me well in this endeavor but the waiting does eat at you!   Resist and let her have her full life cycle and cure to Mother Nature’s recommendation.

Cheers to all you growers out there enjoying your medicine!




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