One of the Two AK-47 Autos Has Sprouted! + Strain Review: Purple Hindu Kush

Yay, one of the two AK-47 autos I planted has sprouted!  She will break through her seed cap by morning, I imagine.  Hoping her sister makes it too, I need more weed, dammit!


I’m snowed in yet again today so I took took my last vacation day and did wake and bake with Purple Hindu Kush while working on a mystery from Consulting Detective and coloring.

This one is very relaxing and I wound up taking a sensual nap this afternoon. It tastes like grape and earth and buries you back into the earth.  It forces you to go back to your roots and take a good look at yourself, and then sleep kicks in and thanks to this fine herb you get in extra hours of sleep.

This is a wonderful indica all around and I give it full marks!  It’s now my bedtime and I’m smoking it again so that I can fall back asleep after that nap lol.


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