Cartridge Review: Boss OG, or, A Sativa for the Snow

I’m working from home today because of the snowy and icy conditions.  At lunch I walked to the nearby McDonald’s for lunch because I had a coupon for a free medium soda and medium fries with a sandwich purchase so I got the Big Mac and lunched among the tweakers and meth heads of 82nd Avenue.

Afterward I carefully treaded over to the dispensary to see if they had any cartridges and for the first time in weeks, they did!   I took the only sativa they had, Boss OG.

Boss OG tastes like a sweet floral pine.  Not a favorite of mine, but it’s certainly pleasant enough.  The high is a fun one though!  Mine tested at 56.2% THC abd .53% CBD.

First of all, I literally forgot what year it was and first wrote down 2020, realized I was way off, and had to check my computer to be sure.  The iced peach herbal tea I’m sipping on tastes like elixir, and the sound waves shooting from the speakers are hitting my eardrums at various levels.   I feel clear headed and the high slowly sneaks up on you with class and elegance.

If only this tasted fruity or…?  The taste reminds me a bit of Northern Lights and Skywalker Kush only with some pine thrown in.

Thus ends today’s strain review.


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