Blueberry Auto at 6.5 Weeks Old + AK-47 at 2 Days Old


Today, high on Boss OG, I am throwing all my affections on Blueberry Auto, who is taking on the typical Ruderalis form that I am becoming to love and appreciate; my photos never grew in a distinct form like my autos do.   With Ruderalis (autoflowers) the first stem that grows becomes the one tall stem and cola with typically the biggest buds on the plant.  The lower branches come up with buds on the end of them too but don’t get nearly as tall as the main stem in the center, so it has a pretty Christmas tree type shape to them.


Blueberry Auto has at least another month left, but I’m really hoping it’s more like 6 weeks!   I’m so happy I can say that I think she will be at least as big and productive as Black Cream was, but of course I hope she will be even bigger!  Here are her top buds up close:


And here are her bottom buds – don’t they make a nice bouquet?


AK-47 is doing great at day 2, but I never feel at ease until about week 2 when they are less delicate and start to become  more weed-like.


Lastly, I have a Gorilla Glue bag seed that I can plant tomorrow.   As soon as it looks hearty I’ll give it to my friend to grow.

Hope everyone’s weekend is off to a good start!




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