Welcome to the World, Blue Mammoth Auto! + Jiffy Pucks

Blueberry Auto, pictured left, has about a month to go.  AK-47 Auto, top right, is 1.5 weeks old and overwatered at the moment.  Bottom left is Blue Mammoth Auto who sprouted today!   Awww!  I’m a proud Momma!

This is the first time I’d planted a seed in a jiffy puck.  I bought a pack of 200 of them on Amazon because in the back of my mind I’d read in a grow log or something where the grower used these and for me these first 2 weeks of the plant’s life is when they are so very fragile and delicate.  The jiffy puck has peat in it I believe so it’s a different texture than soil and I think better for this stage in life?  We shall see!   I have 199 more of them and do hope to use all of them on more cannabis plants!

This will be my first time growing two autos on my kitchen stove 🙂  Black Cream and Blueberry are smaller than everyone else’s I see online but they all have a superior light setup.  I still get a yield, just not a big one, so I’m going to do two at a time.  I so can’t wait til next spring when I can grow two crops of 4 autoflowers outside and they can get huge!


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